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Currently Casting For Frantic Films


Are you dating someone new? Can you keep a secret?

We’re Casting!  CITY and FRANTIC FILMS are searching for guys and girls to take part in SEASON 2 of “MEET THE FAMILY” the hilarious HIDDEN CAMERA COMEDY SHOW!

Are you over the age of 18 and dating someone new?
Has your significant other NOT met your family?
Wanna play a fun prank on your other half?

If this applies to you, here’s the info we need:





Significant Other’s Name:

Significant Other’s Age:

Tell us a little about yourselves (how long you’ve been dating, what details you may have told them about your family ie.: where you are from, your family dynamic, how many siblings you have, what your parents and siblings are like etc.)*

*Please note:  It is crucial that your boyfriend does not know you’re setting him up, and that he has never met your family before.

Email us at

About the Show: Each episode of this comedy series features one couple with one challenge: can a new love interest last an entire evening when he or she has to ‘Meet the Family’?  Meet the Family turns a normally mundane encounter into an excruciating test of resolve and commitment as the new love interest becomes an unwitting participant in a totally fake and entirely outrageous family gathering. Unaware that they’ve been set-up by their partner, they enter a staged “parent’s house” filled with actors whose task it is to make their encounter as uncomfortable as possible, as multiple hidden cameras record their every move. 



Calling all Contractors!

Are you skilled in home renovations? 

Have you got charm, style and a good sense of humour?  Would you “tell someone like it is” and not be afraid of the repercussions?  Do you consider yourself to be a miracle worker who can turn trash into treasure?  If so, we want to hear from you!  Frantic Films, a television production company based out of Toronto and Winnipeg is looking for fun loving, experienced and knowledgeable general contractors for a new program. 


For more information or to share your story, please contact


All applicants must possess recognized certifications and be bonded.


Are you Redneck and Proud?

We are a TV company looking for great ‘country’ characters for a new reality show. 

Do you love being a redneck?  Are you proud of where you come from and your down to earth way of life?  Maybe you see yourself as, ‘country’ through and through and you wouldn’t be any other way?  Perhaps you enjoy celebrating your rural roots and you just don’t care what people say?  If you think of yourself as a ‘happy hillbilly’- and you believe you’d be great on television, we want to hear from you!

Maybe you know someone, or a group of friends or even a family that you think represents what it is to be ‘redneck and proud’ and you’d like to see them star in their own show?

To find out more about this amazing opportunity contact Shelly Tyler at   

Host Casting

Frantic Films is always looking for new talent!
We are looking for designers, contractors, therapists, life-coaches, food experts, finance experts, business gurus and anyone with a unique skill set and a BIG personality!
If you think you have what it takes to host a hit factual/lifestyle series mail a DVD copy of your work to Frantic Films - Attention: Casting at 46 Spadina Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H8.